Thank you

© Rebecca Teal

Here is a small selection of the lovely things which have been
said about me...thank you

This, in reference to my cancer treatment:
"Ive been reading Rebecca's blog this morning and I dont know if I should
be laughing or crying!

Only she could make it funny!"

"there is something understatingly beautiful and amazing about you Mrs Teal"

 "you have a beautiful outlook on life, you are a beautiful lady both in personallity and looks"

Sweet geeze're absolutely friggin hot

"you are beautiful. You are smart and funny. YOu have a beautiful smile. you are warm and caring. I know this is ur job but i get the feeling u actually care about us guys. Not like some of the girls on here. Ur genuine and sweet and I do love talking with you and spending time with you. if only brief sometimes. really makes my day

"To say how beautiful, sexy, elegant and eloquent this lady is I am afraid my words are not enough. She is mens' most private prayers answered!"

"You are just refreshing and quite amazing.

"Met RT for the first time only regret I didn't meet her before today! Such a lovely lady, intelligent and genuine."