Thank you

© Rebecca Teal

Here is a small selection of the lovely things which have been
said about me...thank you

"You are an erotic delight. Truly. You bring a lump to my trousers"

This, in reference to my cancer treatment:
"Ive been reading Rebecca's blog this morning and I dont know if I should
be laughing or crying!

Only she could make it funny!"

"there is something understatingly beautiful and amazing about you Mrs Teal"

 "you have a beautiful outlook on life, you are a beautiful lady both in personallity and looks"

Sweet geeze're absolutely friggin hot

when a woman is this skilled you can see her pussy in her eyes!

"you are beautiful. You are smart and funny. YOu have a beautiful smile. you are warm and caring. I know this is ur job but i get the feeling u actually care about us guys. Not like some of the girls on here. Ur genuine and sweet and I do love talking with you and spending time with you. if only brief sometimes. really makes my day

"Unbelievable great show bec ur the best"

WOW,WOW,WOW. amazing...just wish i was a carrot xxxxx

Probably the best i have seen on here x

"Woooow. Literally felt like a once in a lifetime experience ;) 100% Guarenteed pleasure here guys DO NOT MISS! Thanks again gorgeous ;) x"

"To say how beautiful, sexy, elegant and eloquent this lady is I am afraid my words are not enough. She is mens' most private prayers answered!"

"The new Queen of DirectCam - awesome x"

"You are just refreshing and quite amazing. You must be the only woman in the world who can strip off in a pub play with a bottle and still be a lady"

"mrs t you have the body of a teen and the mind of a seductress its a beautiful combination!"

"MFC's finest. Once you've seen Rebecca perform you won't want anyone else. Sensational!!!!!!"

"mmm really sensual intimate chat - came loads" Paul

"mrs t last nights show was proably the best fun and sexy show ive seen on mfc
long may it continue , have a great day and im sure we will catch up at some point
regards richard"

"Met RT for the first time only regret I didn't meet her before today! Such a lovely lady, intelligent and genuine."

"Hi Becca well I joined after last night in the pub, that was seriously the hottest thing I've ever seen.... amazing" 

"last nights show from the pub was awesome loved every minute of it the whole show was funny and sexy kept me watching from start to finish rebecca teal a true star.... long may you continue xxx"

"a beautiful lady with a dirty mind :D"

"Oh My fucking God....what a dirty little girl...xx"

"A beautiful sexy lady 5 stars baby xxx"