© Rebecca Teal

  A few guidelines

I understand the need for discretion, so you can relax without worrying.
 During our time together I will treat you with respect...please do the same for me, or I will end the video call, phone call or texting.

I love to tease and seduce. I enjoy pussy and anal play. I like to use toys and objects but they're not huge as I'm very petite.

There are certain things I don't do. No fisting, no urination, no scat!

If you have anything particular in mind, please allow me enough time beforehand to organise things so I don't disappoint you.
If you are uncertain about anything, please feel free to ask.

I will add your address, phone number, Skype ID for the duration and remove it afterwards, to be added again the next time. Please don't be offended by this.

Thank you