Monday, 29 June 2015

OBs are GO!!

© RebeccaTeal

I was very absent from Twitter, SnapChat and my camsites last week as
I needed the time off for health reasons which I think has been beneficial.
I'm back now and ready to entertain you.

The drama which now seems to be a permanent feature of MFC has driven me and, I notice, many others away. However, I know some of you prefer MFC Privates to Skype so I shall continue to use it for that and that alone.

At the weekend, with the help of you guys, I tested my mobile wifi.
The few glitches we encountered have been sorted so we're good to go on that one!

 Outside Shows and Pub Shows will be broadcast on
CamGod so sign up guys, make a free account
It's a site I shall be using more and more. It is constantly updating
(all in the name of improvement) so please be patient
with the hiccups this sometimes causes as these do get sorted quickly.

As ever I will still be on Chaturbate
14K followers must mean I'm doing something right on there!

Saturday, 27 June 2015

Mmmobile, bb

© Rebecca Teal

I shall be testing mobile wifi this me on Camgod and give me
feedback on my video, sound and ass quality

Monday, 1 June 2015

June? Really?

© Rebecca Teal

I had an illogical hope this morning would be warm, sunny and beautiful.
The start of a new week coinciding with the start of a new month always seems a little special but when that month is June, Flaming June, no less, I expect heat! This morning, it's chilly...too chilly to have breakfast in the garden. My disappointment is palpable.

One reliable thing though...I WILL be warming your hearts' cockles on cam today,
though probably still in long socks!


I've been having great fun with a selfie stick. Who'd have thought, huh?
So if you haven't yet become a SnapChatChap, you have been missing out
on some splendid moments.

Don't forget, my Private Blog is sophistcated sluttery!