Monday, 11 May 2015

Thank you

@ Rebecca Teal

Oh seems at any given time there are so many spats within the camming world and so many people complaining about lack of tippers, lack of sales, poor camscore,
poor rank and it's mostly MFC based.

My MFC camscore? It was just over 700 last time I looked. I don't think it'll ever return to 3000 which is what it was when I took time off  to have cancer treatment. It's probably 600 or less now.

My rank on MFC? I don't know, somewhere below 5000 (Need to make at least 250,000 tokens a month to make top twenty...yes, that's about £80K/$125K) so why any of the top 100 can't get along with each other and be happy is a mystery. Me? I'm just happy to wake up each morning.

Of course I'd like a better camscore or to make it into the top 100 but I'm 53, I have daft looking reconstructed breasts and I prefer intelligent, witty conversation to mindless pussy flashing, none of which appeals to the tippers in the big boys' club.

But what I do have is a gang of lovely, funny, charming, attentive followers who make me feel sexy as hell and make me want to share that sexiness with them.

So thank you, to all who do, have ever and will someday tip me.
You all "tip" in your different ways

That's as close to a winge/gripe about MFC as you'll get from me.

Now, here's some porn...

Want the hard stuff?
That's here

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