Monday, 23 March 2015

A little exhausted but hey...

© Rebecca Teal

Last week was a tough one again. The medication I have to take sometimes wipes me out and the pain it causes is getting worse but it's essential and not forever. So I have been doing as much on cam for you guys as I can manage.

Here's a taste of last week's refined debauchery
(If you want to see the unrefined stuff, click here)

My spanked ass!

Monday, 9 March 2015

Last week on a camsite near you...

© Rebecca Teal

Last week, I cammed only on (apart from Skype shows!). The site is great and I'm really trying to help it get off the ground. Thank you to those who have made free accounts there. Those of you planning to do so, please use this join link

Here are a few snippets and screencaps of the week's sophisticated sluttery

 McTeague getting in on the act


Back in the kitchen...again
(just like old times)

PJ day

I had a great week, very busy but very fun.

This week will be a little disjointed but I will Tweet when
I am coming online and where.
Let's make it a good one

And, congratulations to ScarletRaven on her four year camiversary!
Girl, you rock!

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Be my CamGod, you know you want to...

© Rebecca Teal

For your pleasure, I am now available on a very new camsite, which has great potential. Together, we could make this one of the top camsites.

If you choose to join please
Membership is free and allows you to chat, beg, make demands, be an asshat... know, all the usual stuff I have to put up with!
Or you could join and be a gentleman and win my respect and attention. 

Click on the picture of Robb below
(This is you, isn't it, Robb?)