Monday, 13 October 2014

Fourth wall

© Rebecca Teal

I thought you guys might like to see the fourth wall of my study. 

You can see part of one of the photo lights with its umbrella. I've found that if I use them reversed, bouncing the light off the umbrellas, whilst it is brighter,
it is also rather blinding! 

The bureau drawers are full of dildos, vibes, paddles, wands...all the stuff
you can find in any posh old bird's study.

And there's my thinking/reading/snoozing chair
which has floated all over the house until it settled in this corner.

You all know there's a bookcase behind me and Mr T's desk is on the adjacent wall.

On the other wall is a chest which occasionally sneaks into view when I'm on cam
and on this is a second monitor, which makes editing so much easier.

Some of you privateers know I also have a small couch,
perfect for getting more comfortable with you.

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