Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Two years on...

© Rebecca Teal

It's been 2 years and about three weeks since I was diagnosed with breast cancer.
Here's how Bruce and Willis are settling.

The scars continue to fade but it is a slow process. It still sometimes hits me that I have no breasts, no breast tissue, just a couple of bags of silicone and saline stuck behind my pectoral muscles.
How bizarre is that?

I rather like them though...they're crazy but fun!

I haven't been on Chaturbate or MFC for a long time but I haven't been idle.
I've been Skyping, texting and making dirty 'phone calls!
You can join in here

I'll be back on general cam pretty soon, so save yourselves for me...

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  1. ... and still you remain the favourite of many! I look at pic te(2) then click on te(4) ... the look in your eyes is a wonderful definition of what it is to be sexy. One does not need words. Perhaps you add the pix here so that others can see my lust? ... sorry, I meant see my point! lol

    Good Luck baby XXXX