Monday, 28 July 2014

Hot hot hot!

© Rebecca Teal

Man, it's been hot all week but I'm not complaining.
Here is last week's fun.

 Feeling hot hot hot
(but loving it)

 Thongs and no thong

 I've been working on my abs


 and I've been working on my feet and bum.
You like?

Monday, 21 July 2014

All for you...

© Rebecca Teal

It was  great for me to be back on cam.
I never managed to leave the kitchen
but we had some fun and frolics, for which I thank you.
Here are the screen caps (and a snippet of video) for your perusal


Daisy Dukes!

 My kind of product placement

Ass bb? Ok then...

Blimey...I have an ass like a spanked ass ;o)

And here's that little video snippet

All for you...
and there's a new post in the Private Members section .

Monday, 14 July 2014

Elle a Le Jack!

© Rebecca Teal

No need to thank me...

You're welcome

I do totally, utterly, completely love this always makes me do this!
I shall be back doing this on cam tomorrow...oui, c'est vrai

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Two years on...

© Rebecca Teal

It's been 2 years and about three weeks since I was diagnosed with breast cancer.
Here's how Bruce and Willis are settling.

The scars continue to fade but it is a slow process. It still sometimes hits me that I have no breasts, no breast tissue, just a couple of bags of silicone and saline stuck behind my pectoral muscles.
How bizarre is that?

I rather like them though...they're crazy but fun!

I haven't been on Chaturbate or MFC for a long time but I haven't been idle.
I've been Skyping, texting and making dirty 'phone calls!
You can join in here

I'll be back on general cam pretty soon, so save yourselves for me...