Monday, 7 April 2014

More health bollox...

© Rebecca Teal

I've had a set back with my health and the week did not go according to plan, hence only three recorded shows last week. I'm hoping it's only minor but I am
seeing my consultant this week so it can be investigated.

I am a little scared. I think I always will be and possibly more so now that I know how tough cancer treatment is. Also, I may be worrying unduly as although it is clear something is wrong, it may not be too serious.

However, I am not prepared to take a chance so will prodded and poked once more by the NHS' finest and will continue to entertain you all while I wait.

Here are your screen caps...enjoy




  1. That shit is so unfair, I hope it turns out to be nothing serious.

    Wishing you all the best,

    Bench x

    1. Thank you, I helps to know you're all behind me. (Oooer!)

  2. Also wishing you the best, with quick determination.

    Did Mrs Rebecca Teal used to be Rebecca Dee ? hmmmmmm

    1. that made me google Rebecca Dee. I think the biggest clues are that she is about a third my age, is much paler, has blue eyes, different colour hair, different face and...doesn't have post cancer reconstructed breasts. Apart from that, I can see how easy it is to mix us up! Hmmm?

      But I thank you for your good wishes x

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