Monday, 3 March 2014

Normal service has been resumed

© Rebecca Teal

Not many screen caps from shows last week as I wasn't on cam as much I like due
to hospital check ups and numpties in my room.

I'm not one usually to take any notice and do enjoy flooring the trolls with my cutting comments but for some reason Gilbert pissed me off beyond belief and once my rage had passed (I logged out for a couple of minutes) I realised I was crying like a baby...on cam!
I do apologise for being so unprofessional. 

So, Gilbert, if you're reading this (assuming you can read), yes, I do have a pretty bad boob job...or as you put it "Worst boob job ever. Look at those scars" but that's what breast cancer does for you! I hope no ladies in your life ever have to go through what I did, not just because it's so bloody tough and  frankly, utterly heartbreaking, but mainly because they won't be able to count on you for support and understanding.

Now, for the rest of you, to whom I am grateful for your support durng my meltdown and Mark and Richard, for your much appreciated emails, here are those screen caps



Pyjama Party!



  1. I wouldn't be too hard on Gilbert. He probably has a tiny 1 inch micropenis and has to compensate for his inadequacy by constantly putting others down. It's quite sad really.

    Hot screen caps!

    bench x

    1. Small penis and a big mouth! Thank you for your comment, it made me smile over my morning coffee xx