Sunday, 26 January 2014

This week's shows...

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Much fun has been had!


 WTF is Mr T doing?!

 PJ Show

Sometimes we just chill and drink tea



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Friday, 17 January 2014

The week's round up...

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Some screen caps of this week's cam shows...

 The Workout Show

  Cooking Fun



Watching your cams!

As ever, I had a wonderful time. See you all next week

Wednesday, 15 January 2014


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Bit of a theme developing...

Bring it on...

© Rebecca Teal

My treatment is complete! I've had chemotherapy, surgery, radiotherapy, more surgery, eighteen intravenous Herceptin, more surgery and more surgery. So that’s me sorted. Letrozole for a further four years and Alendronic Acid with calcium and vitamin D for ever more due to losing bone density (thanks to chemo and the banishing of estrogen) and taking exceptional care of my left arm due to having no axillary lymph nodes.

I know there are horror stories and bad experiences but I’ve had incredible treatment throughout, which would have been beyond my means so thank god for the NHS. Without exception every nurse, doctor, consultant, surgeon, “ographer” and “ologist” has been patient, understanding and reassuring.

I’ve seen equipment I never knew existed. I’ve had treatments I never knew were possible. I am in awe of my surgeon. I’ve been wheeled about by cheerful porters who knew the hospital like the back of their hands. I’ve been served coffee by people who have lifted my mood with a mere touch of my shoulder. I’ve been ferried to and from radiotherapy by volunteer drivers through some dire weather.

Lord knows what the cost of this has been. (I know my Herceptin alone cost £22K). I’ve paid tax and National Insurance for 30 years but I’m sure I’ve had more than my share back.

So, thank you NHS…THANK YOU

And thank you all for sticking with me...your support and generosity has made the last two years a lot easier than it could have been.

And thank you, thank you, thank you Mr T, for holding my hand, shaving my head, sticking needles in me, bringing me lunch, bringing me knitting, bringing me back to reality, collecting wigs, collecting prescriptions, being with me at every appointment, being with me whenever I woke, being with me always. Your strength, your devotion, your belief in me, your faith in medicine, your gorgeous bum have all made this bag of bollox bearable.

And my god, it’s been worth it.
2014? Hell, yes…bring it on…I’ve kicked cancer’s butt!