Wednesday, 9 October 2013


© Rebecca Teal

So far you guys have made my return to camming pretty easy
and for this I thank you; but this....really?

Chaturbate Member: The surgeon who did your implants sucks
Me: Oh you mean the guy who saved my life? Read my profile, you numpty!

MFC Member: jesus - who fitted those for you??
Me: The surgeon who took away the breast cancer and saved my life, so I'm cool with him.

People, do you never read profiles?
Is that why you ask "Where you from, bb?" "What size, bb?"
and make insensitive comments when it's all there for you to read.
You can read, can't you?

I hate what cancer has done to me.
I hate these bizarre fake breasts I have that at best look like a bad boob job.
You really think I'd have these through choice?
Don't make me hide in the dark



  1. I think you are doing a brilliant thing, continuing with your chosen career and lifestyle, even if there has had to be a few small changes. Please keep on doing it!

  2. you are just the inspiration a lot of woman need in my book doing what you do on cam and what you have been through shows your true strength to carry your life on the way you want too and not just to sit at home mopping and complaining of your hardship you and mr t should be loud and proud of who you are lots of love sam

  3. ban the idiots have no mercy you are (and look) FANTASTIC, fake boobs or not (and by the way, there are a lot worse looking boob jobs on mfc than yours believe me, all of them done by 'choice'). so dont' let the brainless little pricks get to you and please keep dancing your dance, you are terrific! xxx maria