Thursday, 19 September 2013

Oh, oh, eau...

© Rebecca Teal

Today I spent three and a half hours on cam.
I had 500+ viewers for most of that time.
You all told me how lovely I am;
how you've never come across such a
gorgeous, funny, sexy, wonderful woman.

So why the bejeezus did you not tip me?

Do not let it happen again!



  1. A few suggestions. Have a look at what other performers do, to get tipped. In general, you get tipped for what you do, not a promise to do something. Also, many viewers will stay for just 20-30 minutes, so at the beginning, you have to show something (demonstrating what people can expect), and then work your way up to a climax.

    Talking is fantastic, showing that you are intelligent, and a regularly person. Intermixed with some solo play is a great combination. The viewer can't believe that a regular intelligent person is doing this, is not even sure that they are aware they are doing this.

    Try also some regular activities intermixed with solo play. Make a cake, do your nails, read a book with the help of your favourite toy.

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  3. Sorry, but your comment is rather insulting. That is what I ALWAYS do. Have you never seen me?

    However, today was awesome :o)

  4. And my response was harsh. I apologise. Your intentions were well meaning and you were good enough to take the time to comment xx

  5. Swings and roundabouts I suppose.

  6. And my apologies if my comments came across as insulting, they weren't meant that way. Yes I caught you on Chaturbate, and just felt the balance between tipping to do something, versus tipping because you were performing, was leaning towards the former. I wasn't trying to imply that you were doing very little, or what you were doing was bad. Some other thought, which I offer constructively. The biggest tippers are those based on the USA, they have more disposable income, so perhaps time your shows for evening time in the US (5-8 hours behind GMT).

  7. I use CB specifically for the UK audience and my followers on MFC are an even mix of Uk and US. I do sometimes work to coincide with the US times but I usually make my targets through UK tippers.

    Please don't think I'm struggling too much. It was just that one bizarre day! I know all models get them...but on that day there wasn't even any football to distract you boys ;o)