Saturday, 27 July 2013

Pssst...I'm coming back!

© Rebecca Teal

If impending surgery does not intervene, I shall be back on cam before my birthday.

Here are Bruce and Willis, my post-cancer-double-mastectomy-bionically-reconstructed breasts settling nicely, don't you think?

Just in case you were wondering, my birthday is 18th August...I shall be 52!
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EDIT: Nipples or no? At the moment I have only areolas (which do actually respond a little and Mr T and I like that) but no nipples. If I have nipple reconstruction I'll lose all sensitivity. What do you think, people?
Your comments would be welcome.



  1. I like them just the way they are, and I think you should try to keep the sensitivity.

    1. Plus, if you have nipples they would surely be permanently erect, so a padded bra would probably be essential.

  2. Totally agree with Mankor.

    Keep sensitivity baby, stay as they are, its going to be great to have you back honey, we have all missed you like crazy, especially our naughty snooker nights hehe, and hope you enjoying the cricket as much as I am. And hi to Mr T.


    Love KArl1969

  3. Nipples are the female fingerprint. Each are special and unique in their own way. They are so perfect and sexy and just addto the already perfect breast. They are the cherry on the top of the Sundae. Nothing better than finding the nipple while in the moment feeling it with your lips as your riding and taking them slowly into your mouth. Def nipple fan! Go for the nipple. Permanently erect all the better no need for padded anything show them off and be proud!

  4. 'ello Ms Teal :) Nipple or not ?? Well - as much as I like nipples - and I do so love them !! - to my mind, if I were to have any influence in your decision, then given what you say about sensitivity, I would very very strongly be steering you towards leaving 'as is'. They are your breasts, your 'nipple areas', and tho' I would sorely miss a little something to tweak, I just could not justify you losing that delicious bit of sensitivity just so I could have a nibble ! I would have to console myself with that other little sensitive bit a little lower down :)

    Looking forward to seeing you in all your glory again, Rebecca :)

    AnonyMousLurker xx