Friday, 28 June 2013

Cup size?

© Rebecca Teal

There is something utterly charming about these measuring cups.
Thank you, Mark, my kitchen is looking better and better
and will soon be seen again by you all.

And thank you Mankor, StrongBo, Wipeout and Harry for your recent generosity.
I'm not above admitting that without your help I'd be up that creek sans paddle.



  1. Awww shucks!

    Looking forward to seeing you bounce around that kitchen once more.

  2. ... and if StrongBo could work out how to sign in properly he'd say we're all better men through knowing you. X

  3. Is there a 'Rebecca Effect' like the 'Delia Effect'? What's the betting the shelves will be stripped bare of those measuring cups for the next six months. Looking forward to seeing you in the kitchen again, have missed your serving suggestions. x