Sunday, 17 March 2013

New breast update

© Rebecca Teal


Nineteen weeks since surgery and this is how my new breast looks.
In a few days I'm having my second mastectomy and reconstruction and in a couple of months or so, when that one has settled, they should match.
New nipples a few months after that and I shall be as good as new!
I seriously hate HATE HATE my hair though. All this crap I've been through, with more to come...and what I've found the hardest to bear is the loss of my hair. Lord knows how long it will take to reach its previous length...

...and hey, I'm not bad for 51, eh?



  1. Well I like your hair, so there!

  2. Not bad for 51? I'm sure there are any number of 21 year olds who would like a body like that. This 50 year old would also like a body like that, but I don't mean that in quite the same way ... ;-)

    1. Let's add another 50 year old to that like/want list. :)

  3. WOOOWWW!!! I like see ur smile rebecca. I wish u all the best for u.
    Many kisses. Fabien

  4. Scrolling down I looked at your image and thought, 'WOW she looks amazing', so when I got to your question, I knew I had to post a HUGE affirmation, then I also knew I had to reprimand you for thinking there was any question. My Gawd you are lovely lady, and I am following, and adding you everywhere possible, - I don't want to miss your return, so I can be one of the first to welcome you back.