Monday, 5 November 2012


© Rebecca Teal

I just called the breast clinic. My blood results are good and all is
fine for surgery tomorrow.
So now it's actually going to happen, which is what I wanted,
I find I don't want it after all.


So fucking nervous it's unreal...



  1. The very best for tomorrow Rebecca.
    Do what is right for you.
    Nick (Sybar) x

  2. Good news about your blood count - and perfectly understandable that you are, to say the least, apprehensive about tomorrow.

    But I hope the knowledge that there are so many people out here that are, in our own way, supporting you, is some comfort to you, Rebecca.

    So, go in there fighting and beat the crap out of the evil ' C '.

    Looking forward to hearing, in a couple of days, that you making a nuisance of yourself and teasing the hell out of the young doctors ;)

    But seriously ( what, me ? ) I hope all goes well tomorrow ... ...

    AnonyMouseLurker. xx xx

  3. Hope all went well, and that you are on the mend.


  4. Hope everything went ok Rebecca, you remain in my thoughts. A very gutsy and very beautiful woman. xxx