Tuesday, 20 November 2012


© Rebecca Teal

Two weeks after surgery, this is how I look

The dressing has come off and the steristrips will come off in a couple of days. It's then I will, for the first time, see my scar and my breast without the nipple...yikes!

I won't always be this shape and size. I will have a couple more injections of saline to increase the size of the implant and when the swelling subsides, if you're not happy with the shape I can have it changed and the other breast altered to match.

I've never been a fan of fake boobs and I apologise to my followers who liked that mine were small and natural but I think I have a good reason now to indulge in a little fakery.

As my cancer is ER+, which means its growth is stimulated by estrogen, I am having my ovaries removed to help prevent any recurrence. This will mean another hospital stay and seven or so weeks recovery but should be fitted in between now and the work on my other breast. So, the schedule for getting back on cam is still mid June 2013. Until then, we shall have to have fun the best way we can...all suggestions welcome ;o)



  1. Postal fun? Like postal chess, but with naughty or fun stuff. ;-)

  2. Erotic story writing competition? With Rebecca as the main character of course! Winner gets to act it out next summer (well you can't say I'm not optimistic!) All the best for a speedy recovery Rebecca, S xxx