Saturday, 24 November 2012

Nipple Free!

© Rebecca Teal

Here it is…the moment I’ve been waiting for…the first sight of my scar and I am so pleased.

This is the first time my surgeon has seen it and he was very pleased, too. Some of the areola has been saved and he'll use this to make me a new nipple then a new areola will be tattooed around it. Good, huh?

This photograph was taken after I’d had another 40ml of saline injected into the implant.  The breast will settle in time and look less like a football!  Next week, I’m having the final top up…not 40ml, I don’t want to poke Mr T in the eye.

EDIT: and in case you were wondering, I will be having the other breast made larger to match!



  1. It's looking good so far, best of luck with the next step!

  2. For anyone old enough to remember 'What's my line?' (a TV programme in which a panel had to guess the occupation of guests based on a short mime and questions that could only be answered yes or no), surely 'areola tattooist' must out-trump 'sagger-maker's bottom knocker' in terms of obscurity! :-) All the best Rebecca, xxx

  3. Good to see that it's all going well, Rebecca :)

    Looking forward to you being 'back in the saddle', so to spesk :)

    As for poking MrT in the eye - I don't imagine he'd complain too much :)

    Look after yourself ... ...

    AnonyMouseLurker xxx