Sunday, 11 November 2012

Home with a new puppy ;o)

© Rebecca Teal

I'm home.
I'm very, very sore.
I feel like I've been hit by a bus but all is good.

 Here's my sexy hospital  cape...nice, huh?

And here are my super sexy (control yourselves, boys) surgical stockings.

I was a little disappointed that they're really surgical socks!

My surgeon has a set of different coloured pens. The blue line around the nipple and down and then the one under my arm is where he cut. The red outline is the implant and the little red box is the port for inflating with saline. The blue Xs are where the drains exit and I had a third one but cannot remember where it exited.

 And here I am two days after surgery.
Two of the drains have just been removed.
The remaining one will come out next week.

Another step closer to being back for you all



  1. Rebecca
    I am so pleased for you that you are on the road to recovery.
    Get well soon
    Nick xxx (sybar)

  2. Great news Rebecca! I believe there are artists who specialise in using a woman's body as their canvas and create beautiful works of art; your surgeon really could have tried harder with his felt pens!
    Oh, and the surgical stockings worked for me. ;-) Much love, S x

  3. Smiles at Sebastian62's message :) :)

    Not sure how many other lasses could make a hospital cape look so stylish :)

    Hope the recovery road is a gentle one for you, Rebecca - we are all looking forward to your re-appearance :)

    HugZ as always. xx xx