Monday, 22 October 2012

New boobs on the horizon...

© Rebecca Teal

My ultrasound last week showed some shrinkage but not enough to save the breast
 My boobs are so tiny that even removing a small lump would take away most of the breast tissue and it seems chemo isn’t going to make it anywhere near small enough.

So the Chemo Guy has stopped my chemotherapy (hooray, I hated it but eek, I want all the chemo you can throw at me) and organised surgery.

I’m having a mastectomy with an immediate implant (Yay!).
I didn’t want flap reconstruction as this leaves too much scarring for me and anyway, I
“don’t have enough fat on my abdomen, bum or back to use”
(I’m taking this as a compliment, Mr Surgeon)

I've never wanted false breasts. I dislike anything false
but I think under the circumstances I will make an exception.

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Quick update

© Rebecca Teal

Just a super quick update for you!

My last chemo (last Wednesday) put me in bed for a week with ridiculous pain and unbelievable fatigue. I've never felt so ill. Today I have an ultrasound to check for tumour shrinkage...remember how the FEC chemo had no effect? I'm not sure this docetaxol chemo is working either and this time it will be a relief if the Chemo Guy stops it and moves straight to surgery...then it's a whole different set of pain and emotions.