Thursday, 6 September 2012

All night long...

© Rebecca Teal

The night before my new chemo I took a massive dose of steroids as instructed and was bouncing off the ceiling. At about half past midnight I said we should go to bed as Mr T needed to sleep even if I didn’t. After about half an hour in bed he asked (with a smile) if I was going to stop talking so he could sleep or should we get up again. Can’t help thinking now that I missed an opportunity for some all night naughtiness…

Monday was my first infusion of Herceptin…had to spend six hours at the hospital as it’s nasty stuff and they need to monitor me to make sure I have no adverse reaction, which I didn’t.
Tuesday was an ECG as Herceptin can cause heart damage, even failure, so that will act as a benchmark for regular checks; also had pre-chemo blood test.
Yesterday was my first infusion of Docetaxol, my new chemo drug.

Today is a day of rest and all is good so far.

And just look at what the wonderful ScarletRaven is doing. Scroll down below the photograph and read, (then maybe weep as I did). I don't know how I will ever thank her for this other than passing it forward as that's her philosophy and mine, too.


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  1. Hope your day of rest was a relaxing one - unless MrT took advantage of you again, of course ;) ;)

    Hats off to ScarletRaven - lovely to see such support !!

    AnonyMouseLurker xx xx