Monday, 6 August 2012

On my back ;o)

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Lord...I need to update so here we go!

That first chemotherapy session slapped me across the face on day 8. Luckily I happened to be at my local surgery for a blood test at the time and with the help of a nurse and a wheel chair the blood test was accomplished and Mr T was summoned. I spent the next 63 hours in a horizontal position unable to raise my head without everything spinning, unable to sleep but, strangely, able to eat...with a vengeance. I have gained 4lbs and I have a tummy! It's quite cute :o)

By Day 11 I was out of bed and beginning to function again.

Over the last couple of weeks I have received nearly 100 bars of Green & Black's chocolate so thank you Piggy, thank you Gravel and thank you Messrs Green & Black.

I had another blood test this morning and on Thursday I have my second chemo session so by my reckoning I will be slapped across the face and staring at the spinning ceiling again on my birthday...bummer!!

Of course, if you were to click on one of the hearts below, peruse my wishlist and send me a gift then my birthday would be more bearable. Or if you prefer, you could click on the pink ribbon and make a donation to Cancer Research Or Macmillan Cancer Care.

Thank you xx



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