Thursday, 30 August 2012

Fecking FEC

© Rebecca Teal

I saw the Chemo Guy today and my ultrasound shows no shrinkage (which we had kind of sussed) and that my tumour isn't responding to the FEC part of my chemotherapy...which is a real bummer. So, he's cancelled tomorrow's FEC chemo session and instead has me starting Herceptin and Docetaxol chemo next week.

Not  a very happy bunny today


  1. Feckity Feck Fec!
    Aww, poor Rebecca. That must be a pain in the ass for you. But it is important to stay positive. I'm sure it will work out better next week. Always thinking of you xxxxxxxx

  2. My very best wishes to a lovely lady
    Nick xx

  3. From Blackadder Goes Forth:

    Made a note in my diary today. Simply says "Bugger".

  4. Stay positive, :-), we all loves ya xx

  5. Rebecca, I have no idea what the chemistry lesson above is all about I'm afraid, but what I do know is that you are a beautiful, sexy, intelligent woman and you will get through this, no matter how tough the journey. Just know that there are people out here thinking about you and sending love and hugs through the ether. ... and besides, we want you to be a happy bunny and consume more carrots! ;-) Sebastian62 xxx

    1. 'ello Rebecca,

      Meant to add a msg before now, but you know me ... ...

      It really is a bummer when you get disappointing news, and I really don't know what any of us can say to help - save for the usual ( and perhaps over-used ) phrases 'keep your pecker up' 'you'll get through it' etc.

      But ... it is so true that there are lots of us out here who are sending you best wishes, hugs, and love.

      AnonyMouseLurker xx xx