Saturday, 11 August 2012

Chemo Number 2 and the Hose Attachment ;o)

© Rebecca Teal
Chemo number 2 on Thursday was ok in as much as having chemo can be ok. Thursday evening and night I felt uber sick and Friday I was shattered but today, I feel good again…I get tired easily but I know that will pass.

My hair is doing its best to drop out. This morning it was a ceaseless task trying to rinse it off my shoulders in the shower and I’d left it too late for Mr T to shave it before he had to leave for work for a few hours.  As I was trying to do my make-up I got so angry with it falling on my face that I had a bright idea! The vacuum cleaner was still upstairs so I put the brush attachment on the hose and gave my head the once, twice, thrice over. It worked and felt quite nice.
Mr T will shave it all off for me later today.

And answer me this, people. My under arms and lady bits are nicely bald but why the f*ck aren’t my legs?



  1. Maybe you are turning into an arachnid Lol
    Hope it went ok x


    Nick x

  2. Hi Rebecca!
    I could not believe the news of your cancer when I read it.
    I hope your this good, and you will recover soon.
    I wish you my best wishes
    Many kisses and a hug to Mr.T