Thursday, 5 July 2012

Shouldn't Google Everything!

© Rebecca Teal

This afternoon I am having a coil marker placed against the tumour. I googled "coil marker in breast"...silly, silly me.

"You're going to put THAT in my boob?! Pffft! Over my de...   Ah, yes, that would be the other option. Go ahead...put it in."

I will post later, if I'm not too busy being self-indulgent and wimpy and ouchy.

Yesterday Mr T called the salon for me…it seems they all close on a Monday so we’ll collect the wigs and see how it goes. I’m thinking at the first sign of hair loss he’ll whip it all off for me.



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  1. You must have this done, be brave dear Rebecca and we'll be waiting for you to tell us all about it. Kind of reminds me of The Matrix though...