Monday, 2 July 2012

Open Gown, BB

© Rebecca Teal

 This morning I had a Computed Tomography Scan on one of these babies!

I had to arrive an hour early so I could be given six cups of water (six wees ensued) as this somehow helps with the scans. After the first one I was hooked up via a needle to some dye which helps my inside bits show up. What a crazy job some people have…scanning bits of people. That said, I’m extremely glad they do.

 I was allowed to wear the hospital's best designer number...
I could see the passion in Mr T's eyes  ;o)

"Open gown, bb"

Next was an EchoCardioGram. Nothing much to report really except it’s rather awesome seeing my heart…we take far too much for granted.


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  1. Dammit, I wanted to do the "Open gown, bb" joke!

    How about "Pee bb" ;)