Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Ooh La La!

© Rebecca Teal

Yesterday, I did indeed collect my first wig...
soon I shall be collecting another rather different one...watch this space!

 I also collected a stand, a brush, some conditioning spray and some wig shampoo. Apparently it isn't necessary to douse it in Chanel so I need a different reason to stock up on that...hmmm...like I ever need an excuse.

Mr T and I were so excited/shocked/upset about buying/needing a wig that we forgot about the VAT exemption on hairpieces for cancer patients.
I shall call the shop today to see if it's too late.
(I'd quite like £40 back!)



  1. How good you look Rebecca x


  2. As delicious looking as ever :)

    Wonder what the 'rather different' wig is going to be.

    An elfin-like tomboy look, perhaps ? I could for sure bear looking at you like that.

    But there again, I can't really imagine any 'look' that I'd not enjoy ;)


  3. One assumes it is not shower-safe... maybe you could wear a shower cap!

    You look great, I can't honestly tell the difference in these photos.

  4. wishing you all the best ! still look amazing ! peace and love and positive vibes heading your way ! xx