Thursday, 5 July 2012

...on a bike!!!

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Jesus Christ On A Bike!!!!!

I had taken two “prescription only” strength co-codamol and the injection for the anaesthetic still had me on the ceiling. I was however given a double dose and told I could leave it for now and try again another day but I stayed and had the coil marker thingy put it.

The actual putting in wasn’t so painful, mostly because the lignocaine did its job; it’s getting a needle in so deep to get the lignocaine to where it has to be that has me uttering foul words. My care  team seem to be in agreement that the problem is the density of my breast tissue (that’s how come they’re so pert and I have no need to wear a bra!)

I had to have a mammogram afterwards. painful at the best of times but dear lord...! It was amazing to see the coil so clearly in place though. I'm hoping to get a print out to post on here soon.

Throughout the whole procedure, Mr T held my hand, kissed  my shoulder and made it all possible. Thank you, darling…”rock” doesn’t come close.

No medical pictures today so have this one instead


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  1. Glad you have had over with! I Brave girl! You are in my thoughts xxxxxxxxxxx