Wednesday, 18 July 2012

La Di Da...

© Rebecca Teal

Today I collected another wig…
It’s actually quite a bit more orange (ginger) than the photograph shows.
It’s a prescription wig so for me it was free. It isn’t such good quality as my other ones but I do love it.
I love how it fades to dark brown
It’s quite a bit shorter than the first wig and is a lot easier to wear
so I may get a second one like this (though in just dark brown) which I will have
to pay for but daaaahling, I’m worth it xx

Tomorrow I have a very important date so I shall post about that in a a day or two and tomorrow the car is having the exhaust fixed…la di da…the excitement of it all!



  1. what a stunner you look fantastic lots of love sam xxx also xx for mr t

  2. So, are we allowed to mention Carol Vorderman or not? ;-)