Friday, 22 June 2012

Wigs and Bones and Burgers (Veggie wrap)

© Rebecca Teal

Yesterday I had a wig consultation. I also had a bone scan at very short notice...they called me the afternoon before! My wig appointment was for 10am but this didn't leave enough time to get to the hospital for the scan so the Wig Shop actually opened half an hour early for me. I really want to thank the lady who spent so long with me and seemed to know, without me saying, what I was thinking and feeling. I'm sorry, I don't know if you are Doreen or Julie but you are wonderful.

So, here I am playing with wigs and pulling faces

My real hair               I like this one                  Yes,  I like this

Yeah, I loooooooove this!

This sort of grew on me, I may well have one like this, too. What do you all think?

But I'm thinking....not blonde.

Next stop was at the hospital to be injected with glow in the dark radio active stuff. I had to wait two hours before it had done what it had to do for the scan...

so Mr T and I had a late breakfast at a well known food outlet.
(Other food outlets are available!)

This is the Bone's quite a beast. I wonder how much such a thing costs and I'm grateful for the health care which is unquestioningly available to me.

Next week I have an appointment with the Chemo Guy to assess dosage and set a schedule. The week after I have an appointment for a CT Scan. I'm still waiting for dates for a Heart Echo and blood tests.

On a lighter note, Mr T took advantage of me in a most shameful manner as I bent over the kitchen table. This evening, I think I may return the favour ;o)


  1. hope aqll works out well for you an mr t lots of love sam xxxxxxxxxx

  2. I like the blonde. It suits you.
    The one above it makes you ;look like an extra from an Asian Sit com lol
    BR Nick

  3. Can't say that I like that particular hair style on the blonde one, too much like a bad Jennifer Aniston.

    I like the first one best out of these. :) If the second one was ginger it would be Anne Robinson... you are the weakest wig, goodbye!

    Oh, if only I had the opportunity to take advantage of a lady like you...

  4. I think they all look fab!! xx