Thursday, 19 April 2012

BBC Radio Five Live

© Rebecca Teal

This morning I declined an invitation from the BBC to talk on air about underage access to internet pornography. (I wasn't even dressed!) I did however, offer to send them an email and was told they'd be very grateful if I did. What I was very grateful for was that the email was read in its entirety
 Here is the email I sent:
"I work as a webcam model and while I believe a lot of inappropriate viewing is down to lazy parenting (which seems to be the cause of many ills) I also feel many websites do not adhere to the regulations.
It's too easy for minors to click "I am over eighteen" and view the sites. If all sites had to be paid for then only those with a credit card could access them.
Personally, if I get even the slightest hint that a viewer is underage then I ban them from my live broadcast.
The initial responsibility lies with parents, then websites, then individuals like myself. We don't try to restrict access to books if they fall into the wrong hands so let's not restrict the internet, which if used wisely can be a marvellous thing"
I thank you


  1. I'm impressed and happy to read that this got aired.

  2. I couldnt agree more with you about it being in the first place down to the parents, they should be the ones who control what their children should be able to see on the internet and not blame it on others.
    A similar thing is happening on the tv (freeview) concerning the babe channels, mumsnet are complaining to MPs that toddlers can view them after 9pm well what are toddlers doing up at 9pm and have tvs in their bedrooms with no parental lock on them.

  3. There's a lot in the nedia right now about this, and I tend to agree that 'parents' have a lot of responsibility here, But, they can only go so far because most youngstera are far more computer 'savvy' than their parents and it's particularly difficult to control access from smartphones.

    That aside, I have to agree with what you say in your email - it's a shared responsibility, and some providers are more interested in their cashflow than the welfare of those who should not be gaining access.


  4. I heard this on 5Live the other day. Very well said. It's all about taking responsibility - not passing the buck to others. Well done.