Thursday, 23 February 2012

Adultwork v MFC

© Rebecca Teal

Over the last couple of weeks I may have been conspicuous on MFC by my absence. This is because I have been camming mostly on Adultwork. I do miss my regulars on MFC, which is why I still start my day by logging on through my member account to chat with you while I check messages, send emails, post on blogs etc. and of course, to see CurvyCandy

I love the social aspect of MFC but because I respect the members who tip for their own benefit, not for the benefit of all, in public I only tease and tantalise. I WILL NOT give you a free show. If you want to see me really enjoy myself and please you, then you have to start a group show or take me private, NOT tell me to do what some others are doing. If you want a free, mindless wank, go and watch the others.

I will be back on MFC but for now you can find me on Adultwork


  1. Curses, and worse, to the prats ( mainly guests and basics I guess ) who have lead you to this point, Rebecca.

    It's all too often that the actions or words of the few seem to affect things for the majority of others.

    It's sad to hear that you will 'only' be teasing etc - although I have to say that that is delicious :).

    And it's even more sad that the actions of the few have have affected you this way :(

    Here's to the Groups :) :)

    BFN, gorgeous one :) xx xx


  2. Ah..would thzt it were just the basics and guests. It's the premiums, too...and who can blame them? Even MFC themselves run advertisements online showing how one need never pay for live sex again. They forget to say it's so dull it's barely live! It will turn around again and be a fun site to work...I'll be back :o)

  3. hi rebecca luvin ur pics,not seen uon adult works yet,look forward to see you soon x big fan.

  4. hi mrs t hope you and the old man are well
    i dont blame you for not using mfc as much its overloaded with free loaders and idiots
    i will visit on adult work when i have time but busy at the moment
    i do so much miss the pub shows
    anyway , all the best to you and mr t will see you some time soon