Friday, 13 January 2012

Naked in a car park...again!

© Rebecca Teal

Lord...what a kerfuffle!

  It took four pubs before a Brewers Fayre showed promise but by then we'd decided to have a drink and call it a night. THEN...I noticed a plug socket so we moved nearer and logged in to have a little fun. Those of you who watched till the end know just how much fun it turned out to be.

 I ended up naked under my coat and as we headed outside so did one of the barmen.  He was four feet away, watching every move I made and loving it all. He and Mr T had a nice chat as they drooled over me, along with other staff watching from inside!

Thank you to all you guys for your support and once again, any screen caps you may have will be gratefully received at

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  1. Grrrr, missed it again :(

    I just HAVE to get my comp fixed !!