Thursday, 1 December 2011

Baby, it's cold outside...

© Rebecca Teal

Another fun night in the pub...I love the end of this when
I realise I was in full view of the CCTV!

Thank you once again to JB and DT and to Mr T for
converting, editing, soundtracking and tagging

If you'd like this in better quality, tip me 50 MFC tokens offline with a message
requesting it and I'll email you the link and password.


  1. wow loved the show Rebecca looking as hot as ever must admit you got some bottle to do it ( a few glasses of wine helped me thinks) lol keep up the good work
    Stewart ( Stewpot53) xxxx
    after being on CCTV do you think you will be allowed back

  2. I think I'll be the star of the Christmas CCTV compilation!

  3. Let's hope you don't get banned, lol.

    You really are 'the total package' :)

    Happy Christmas xx