Saturday, 17 September 2011

Apologies and connection issue

© Rebecca Teal

I've been on MFC for two days now and I have had so much fun and that is all down to you boys, so a huge thank you! Also, a very big thank you for your tolerance of my freezing camera. I've followed all the advice from MFC Tech Support, tested my camera, tested my laptop, tested my patience.

I know the site itself does suffer from many issues to which they admit but I think you boys have it's maybe my connection.

So today, Mr T and I are going to take the laptop and camera out for a jolly; this will allow us to test a different connection (and also to have some OB fun online). If this solves my connection problems then I shall be definitely changing ISP...NOTHING is going to keep me away from my boys!

Later, I shall post some photographs for you

EDIT: I just got this PM from another MFC model
"Rebecca: MFC was brutal last night. For me it crashed during three different privates. I could be having the best night in the world, but once it starts crashing, it's so demoralizing."

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  1. Awesome outside broadcast on saturday afternoon. Wasn't quite Grandstand was it? Xxxx